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Journal of Hellenic Religion sets out to explore, promote and discuss the multiple facets of the ancient Greek religion and theology. It is both produced and published as a book and a peer-reviewed Journal.

The Journal Of Hellenic Religion (JfHR) is an annual published and produced peer-reviewed Journal by Markoulakis Publications for the study and analysis of ancient Greek religion, theology and mythology. The Journal will, also, concentrate on the effect that the ancient Greek religion had on the way of life and thought throughout the history of the 'Western' civilization.

The JfHR covers issues and particularly aims to provide informed discussions on ancient Greek religiosity, history, mythology, cults and rites & rituals. It intends to present original thinking by knowledgeable observers, researchers and scholars.

JfHR accepts contributions of scholarly interest on ancient Greek religion. Articles, comments and book-reviews of material discussing the Greek religion and ancient Greek morality and ethics, including, ancient Greek phylosophical thought are warmly welcomed. The Journal has been written in English and accepts contributions in German, Greek, Spanish and French. All articles should include an English abstract, keywords and author's bio. If a foreign language article is approved for publication, the Editor(s) would kindly ask for an English version of the text to be supplied along with the original article-essay.

Overview of the project

The JfHR is initially a print produced annual peer-reviewed Journal. It provides all its articles, working papers and review articles also electronically (PDF version). The Journal may produce an additional supplementary print copy to the Volume, which will include selected article(s) or a monograph.

News and Announcements

Call For Papers for the Journal of Hellenic Religion Volume Seven

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Call For Papers for the Journal of Hellenic Religion (ISSN 1748-7811) Volume Seven for papers on the ancient Art and Greek Religion.

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TOC: JfHR Volume VI

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Volume Six of the Journal of Hellenic Religion offers a collection of articles in French and English that mainly discuss the maritime and naval religiosity and mythology of the ancient Greeks.

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